Silk Stalkings (dvd) Review

Nominated for only one Emmy, the entertainment quality of Silk Stalkings is nevertheless evidenced by its nine season run which is one of the most enduring ever for an original cable TV series. Partly responsible for this lack of critical acclaim is that Silk Stalkings was a trailblazer in the cable genre, and handing out Emmys to original cable series didn’t become fashionable until the late-1990s when Sex And The City and The Sopranos broke the cable barrier for good. Another contributing factor to the lack of peer recognition is that Silk Stalkings lasted about four seasons longer than it should have, given that nearly the entire cast and crew were replaced after the first five seasons. Regardless, this hour-long drama series set in Palm Beach, Florida contains all the necessary ingredients for a hit show – beautiful people in a beautiful setting with lots of murder, violence, and intrigue. Silk Stalkings offers everything one could ask for in a TV drama, and the show’s success helped pave the way for additional original cable series such as Monk and The Shield?

Silk Stalkings follows the exploits of two Palm Beach, Florida detectives who investigate murders and other high profile crimes in an elite community which is no stranger to fame and fortune. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo (Rob Estes) and Sgt. Rita Lee Lance (Mitzi Kapture) are partners on the local Palm Beach Police Department, and each episode they must investigate one or more high-profile crimes. The dynamic relationship between Chris and Rita is a focal point of the show, and the two will overturn every stone and use every tactic at their disposal to bring justice to those who, either due to fame and/or wealth, believe they are above the laws that governor average people? Veteran entertainer Ben Vereen plays their boss, Capt. Hutchinson, in seasons one through three before being replaced by Charlie Brill (Capt. Harry Lipschitz) for the remainder of the series? Overall, Silk Stalkings is a finely scripted investigative drama cut from the same mold as Law & Order SVU?

The Silk Stalkings DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the series premiere in which Chris and Rita investigate the case of model murdered in her townhouse. The main focus of the investigation centers around the model’s husband, and the couple’s impending divorce proceedings only serve to place him under greater suspicion. Digging further, Chris and Rita link a cold case file to the murder, but a wrench is thrown in their investigation when the ex-cop who investigated the case is himself murdered? Other notable episodes from Season 1 include “Dirty Laundry” in which Chris and Rita investigate the mysterious death of a congressmen found on the beach near his home, and “Internal Affair” in which Chris becomes embroiled in police brutality controversy when he shoots and kills a suspect during a burglary in progress?

Below is a list of episodes included on the Silk Stalkings (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (Pilot) Air Date: 11-07-1991
Episode 2 (Going to Babylon) Air Date: 11-14-1991
Episode 3 (S.O.B.) Air Date: 11-21-1991
Episode 4 (In the Name of Love) Air Date: 11-28-1991
Episode 5 (Men Seeking Women) Air Date: 12-05-1991
Episode 6 (Dirty Laundry) Air Date: 12-12-1991
Episode 7 (Hard Copy) Air Date: 12-19-1991
Episode 8 (Curtain Call) Air Date: 01-02-1992
Episode 9 (The Brotherhood) Air Date: 01-09-1992
Episode 10 (Blo-Dri) Air Date: 01-16-1992
Episode 11 (Intensive Care) Air Date: 01-23-1992
Episode 12 (Squeeze Play) Air Date: 01-30-1992
Episode 13 (Shock Jock) Air Date: 02-06-1992
Episode 14 (The Sock Drawer) Air Date: 02-13-1992
Episode 15 (Internal Affair) Air Date: 02-20-1992
Episode 16 (Witness) Air Date: 02-27-1992
Episode 17 (Domestic Agenda) Air Date: 03-05-1992
Episode 18 (Lady Luck) Air Date: 03-12-1992
Episode 19 (Working Girl) Air Date: 03-19-1992
Episode 20 (Powder Burn) Air Date: 03-26-1992

The Talented Mr. Ripley

“The Talented Mr. Ripley” is an Hitchcockian and blood-curdling study of the psychopath and his victims. At the centre of this masterpiece, set in the exquisitely decadent scapes of Italy, is a titanic encounter between Ripley, the aforementioned psychopath protagonist and young Greenleaf, a consummate narcissist.

Ripley is a cartoonishly poor young adult whose overriding desire is to belong to a higher – or at least, richer – social class. While he waits upon the subjects of his not so hidden desires, he receives an offer he cannot refuse: to travel to Italy to retrieve the spoiled and hedonistic son of a shipbuilding magnate, Greenleaf Senior. He embarks upon a study of Junior’s biography, personality, likes and hobbies. In a chillingly detailed process, he actually assumes Greenleaf’s identity. Disembarking from a luxurious Cunard liner in his destination, Italy, he “confesses” to a gullible textile-heiress that he is the young Greenleaf, traveling incognito.

Thus, we are subtly introduced to the two over-riding themes of the antisocial personality disorder (still labeled by many professional authorities “psychopathy” and “sociopathy”): an overwhelming dysphoria and an even more overweening drive to assuage this angst by belonging. The psychopath is an unhappy person. He is besieged by recurrent depression bouts, hypochondria and an overpowering sense of alienation and drift. He is bored with his own life and is permeated by a seething and explosive envy of the lucky, the mighty, the clever, the have it alls, the know it alls, the handsome, the happy – in short: his opposites. He feels discriminated against and dealt a poor hand in the great poker game called life. He is driven obsessively to right these perceived wrongs and feels entirely justified in adopting whatever means he deems necessary in pursuing this goal.

Ripley’s reality test is maintained throughout the film. In other words – while he gradually merges with the object of his admiring emulation, the young Greenleaf – Ripley can always tell the difference. After he kills Greenleaf in self-defense, he assumes his name, wears his clothes, cashes his checks and makes phone calls from his rooms. But he also murders – or tries to murder – those who suspect the truth. These acts of lethal self-preservation prove conclusively that he knows who he is and that he fully realizes that his acts are parlously illegal.

Young Greenleaf is young, captivatingly energetic, infinitely charming, breathtakingly handsome and deceivingly emotional. He lacks real talents – he know how to play only six jazz tunes, can’t make up his musical mind between his faithful sax and a newly alluring drum kit and, an aspiring writer, can’t even spell. These shortcomings and discrepancies are tucked under a glittering facade of non-chalance, refreshing spontaneity, an experimental spirit, unrepressed sexuality and unrestrained adventurism. But Greenleaf Jr. is a garden variety narcissist. He cheats on his lovely and loving girlfriend, Marge. He refuses to lend money – of which he seems to have an unlimited supply, courtesy his ever more disenchanted father – to a girl he impregnated. She commits suicide and he blames the primitiveness of the emergency services, sulks and kicks his precious record player. In the midst of this infantile temper tantrum the rudiments of a conscience are visible. He evidently feels guilty. At least for a while.

Greenleaf Jr. falls in and out of love and friendship in a predictable pendulous rhythm. He idealizes his beaus and then devalues them. He finds them to be the quiddity of fascination one moment – and the distilled essence of boredom the next. And he is not shy about expressing his distaste and disenchantment. He is savagely cruel as he calls Ripley a leach who has taken over his life and his possessions (having previously invited him to do so in no uncertain terms). He says that he is relieved to see him go and he cancels off-handedly elaborate plans they made together. Greenleaf Jr. maintains a poor record of keeping promises and a rich record of violence, as we discover towards the end of this suspenseful, taut yarn.

Ripley himself lacks an identity. He is a binary automaton driven by a set of two instructions – become someone and overcome resistance. He feels like a nobody and his overriding ambition is to be somebody, even if he has to fake it, or steal it. His only talents, he openly admits, are to fake both personalities and papers. He is a predator and he hunts for congruence, cohesion and meaning. He is in constant search of a family. Greenleaf Jr., he declares festively, is the older brother he never had. Together with the long suffering fianc?e in waiting, Marge, they are a family. Hasn’t Greenleaf Sr. actually adopted him?

This identity disturbance, which is at the psychodynamic root of both pathological narcissism and rapacious psychopathy, is all-pervasive. Both Ripley and Greenleaf Jr. are not sure who they are. Ripley wants to be Greenleaf Jr. – not because of the latter’s admirable personality, but because of his money. Greenleaf Jr. cultivates a False Self of a jazz giant in the making and the author of the Great American Novel but he is neither and he bitterly knows it. Even their sexual identity is not fully formed. Ripley is at once homoerotic, autoerotic and heteroerotic. He has a succession of homosexual lovers (though apparently only platonic ones). Yet, he is attracted to women. He falls desperately in love with Greenleaf’s False Self and it is the revelation of the latter’s dilapidated True Self that leads to the atavistically bloody scene in the boat.

But Ripley is a different -and more ominous – beast altogether. He rambles on about the metaphorical dark chamber of his secrets, the key to which he wishes to share with a “loved” one. But this act of sharing (which never materializes) is intended merely to alleviate the constant pressure of the hot pursuit he is subjected to by the police and others. He disposes with equal equanimity of both loved ones and the occasional prying acquaintance. At least twice he utters words of love as he actually strangles his newfound inamorato and tries to slash an old and rekindled flame. He hesitates not a split second when confronted with an offer to betray Greenleaf Sr., his nominal employer and benefactor, and abscond with his money. He falsifies signatures with ease, makes eye contact convincingly, flashes the most heart rending smile when embarrassed or endangered. He is a caricature of the American dream: ambitious, driven, winsome, well versed in the mantras of the bourgeoisie. But beneath this thin veneer of hard learned, self-conscious and uneasy civility – lurks a beast of prey best characterized by the DSM IV-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual):

“Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behavior, deceitfulness as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others to personal profit or pleasure, impulsivity or failure to plan ahead… reckless disregard for safety of self or others… (and above all) lack of remorse.” (From the criteria of the Antisocial Personality Disorder).

But perhaps the most intriguing portraits are those of the victims. Marge insists, in the face of the most callous and abusive behavior, that there is something “tender” in Greenleaf Jr. When she confronts the beguiling monster, Ripley, she encounters the fate of all victims of psychopaths: disbelief, pity and ridicule. The truth is too horrible to contemplate, let alone comprehend. Psychopaths are inhuman in the most profound sense of this compounded word. Their emotions and conscience have been amputated and replaced by phantom imitations. But it is rare to pierce their meticulously crafted facade. They more often than not go on to great success and social acceptance while their detractors are relegated to the fringes of society. Both Meredith and Peter, who had the misfortune of falling in deep, unrequited love with Ripley, are punished. One by losing his life, the other by losing Ripley time and again, mysteriously, capriciously, cruelly.

Thus, ultimately, the film is an intricate study of the pernicious ways of psychopathology. Mental disorder is a venom not confined to its source. It spreads and affects its environment in a myriad surreptitiously subtle forms. It is a hydra, growing one hundred heads where one was severed. Its victims writhe and as abuse is piled upon trauma – they turn to stone, the mute witnesses of horror, the stalactites and stalagmites of pain untold and unrecountable. For their tormentors are often as talented as Mr. Ripley is and they are as helpless and as clueless as his victims are.

Download Fast And Furious Movie For Free – For Real And Legal?

When was the last time you watched your favorite movie at the theater? Have trouble remembering, isn?t it! This is not at all surprising.
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Mean machines and reckless drivers are back in action. With Fast & Furious, Van Diesel and Paul Walker team again to burn tires through Los Angeles and the Mexican desert. This high-octane action-packed thriller shows the reunion of ex-fugitive Dom Toretto (Van Diesel) and agent Brian O?Conner (Paul Walker) to fight against a common enemy. More than the story, it is the stunts behind the wheel that are going to amaze you. Fast & Furious is worth watching for all those who love cars and crazy stunts. This movie has been directed by Justin Lin and stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, John Ortiz, and Laz Alonso. It is all set to open in theaters on April 3, 2009.

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Classic Movie Posters Are Getting The Popularity Vote On Campus

It is not hard to spot the latest fashion trends. Just visit any college campus. But will this year’s hot new trends be unique or will they be reruns from seasons long past? The lava lights and psychedelic posters of the 70’s were once again easy to spot in the mid 90’s and the slap bracelets and big sun glasses of the early 90’s have been seen again as recently as 2006. What past fashion accessories will be popping up this semester?
From UCLA to Hudson University and all points in between vintage movie posters seem to be the thing. Even girls who were not even thought of when “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” debuted are very much into posters of Audrey, dark sunglasses and pearls. A-list hits such as “scarface” and D-list hits like “Evil Dead are popping up on walls daily. Movie memorabilia is not referring to just black and white posters anymore.
What is the reason that twenty year old men and women are reaching back to the days of drive in movies and black and white pictures? No one knows for sure, but maybe they are yearning for a more simple time when humor was light hearted and times were easier to understand or maybe it is just the allure of classics that caught a hold of them again.
Smart marketers are not only making money on the vintage movie posters, they are making a huge profit on merchandising. At local shopping malls and department stores, you can purchase figurines, accessories, such as jewelery and sunglasses, and even catch phrase t-shirts. College campus bookstores are selling out of vintage movie posters faster than posters for newer films. These vintage posters are more popular than ever.
Posters may bring back the magic of some other time and a fantasy of what may have been. They help to capture the spirit of an age that you wish you’d lived in or else they help to keep memories alive. Some students will put up posters to remind themselves of their childhood or high school years, while some will put them up to let others know just who they are. Independent art/film posters and vintage film posters used to be displayed only on film students’ walls, but now the audience for them is a great deal larger.
If you are looking for the perfect gift for your niece or nephew, son or daughter, or that special college student in your life, look no further than a movie poster displaying Faye Dunaway or Elvis. They were popular then and they are popular now. Watch them unroll the poster and reveal a smile and don’t forget to hang onto the posters you love today. Who knows, in twenty years, they may be the next hot trend.

Important Information about Dreambox Satellite Receiver

There are lots of different kinds of dreambox satellite receiver are being launched by different companies and most of them are from china so the main point is when you are buy dreambox there are some important aspects of it. Well i feel that you are lucky as you find my article because here i am going to provide you some great information about dreambox. All china made dreambox is really have good quality and the look and feel is also same like the real one. You must remember one thing that if you are getting anything on cheaper rate that doesn’t mean that the quality of it is also cheaper.

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Dreambox 800 HD satellite receiver:

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Dreambox 500C Satellite Receiver:

In the year 2005 dreambox 500 was released and it was the smallest DTH Set top box. That is one of the most popular set top box and most of the people love using that best product. this box was introduced by dreambox multimedia. And the key feature is it has open source software. So it is simple to compile data. But the other thing is company has stop production of that best model as there are many Chinese products obtainable in the market. As there are lots of chine’s company in the market you must buy the product from good and genuine company. So you must make sure that you are buying the real product.

Dreambox 500S:

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How Much You Love Watching Comedy Sitcoms

Many of us are hardcore fans of comedy sitcoms. If there was a marathon of comedy sitcoms running for a day, we would be watching them sitting on our couch with loads of snacks. Office work, dropping the kids to school, attending your daughter’s ballet classes, all these things won’t come to our mind. We would be immersed in the world of comedy that sometimes we wish our life was filled with humor and funny situations. It is a known fact that many of us would like to be as one of the comedy characters that appear in the comedy sitcoms. Okay, it may sound funny, but it is true. What could be more pleasing and fun in making others laugh. We may become a laughing stock and sometimes treated as an idiot. Yeah! It is fine, so long as you can just make people split into laughter and get them out of their comfort zone.

Take the example of the character ‘Joey’ from the sitcom ‘Friends’. Joey is not that intelligent and you may feel that he is a loser. Why? Because you have a character who likes to have the occasional fling with girls and never cares to have a long-term relationship. He could be termed as a nincompoop as he is not a good actor, but he still believes it and keeps acting in short commercials and sitcoms. Always his friends try to tell him about his acting skills, he gets irritated and creates a scene. The same can be said of ‘Barney Stinson’ of the sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’. You have a character which is very much similar to Joey, but there is a slight difference. Barney is not stupid as Joey as he knows how to handle situations and is quite clever in it. Unlike Joey who finds it difficult to breakup with girls, Barney does it with amicable ease. You can say an updated version of Joey. Now another comedy sitcom that could make you sit up and watch is the ’30 Rock’.

At times you feel sorry for the character Liz Lemon, the main protagonist of the sitcom. She has to go through a lot in her daily office life that sometimes you feel it can be hard being the head writer of a network. The constant strange characters she keeps meeting in her office and her boss who uncannily interferes in her decision making and policies. It will make you splits in laughter seeing the way each character behaves and how Liz handles them. Another hilarious sitcom that you must watch on your Xfinity TV is the ‘Modern Family’. You have a dysfunctional family where each character is different but somewhat related to a real family.

Telling the story of three interrelated families that constantly do things which are above the expectation of a normal one is one thing that you will like. You have the character Jay Pritchett who is married to a beautiful wife. He finds it difficult to connect to his own daughter and son-in law, but somehow connects to his son’s best friend through football. Like every family, this family has a long list of rebellious teenagers who do the usual things to irritate their family. Each character is very much different in their way of life and behavior but still they care for each other.

They are situations where they pull each other’s legs and make a mockery, but still the love as a family keeps them intact and blissful. It can be rightfully said that comedy sitcoms have become a part and parcel of our life. You may say that certain comedy sitcoms are stupid and have no story, but yet they do indulge you into the world of laughter and entertainment. You just cannot escape from that.

Gilmore Girls (dvd) Review

Nominated for 1 Emmy and 1 Golden Globe in its first five seasons, Gilmore Girls has experienced much greater success among TV viewers than among industry critics. In fact, the show is the first script supported by the Family Friendly Forum’s script development fund to go on and become a regular television series. Part of an initiative between The WB Network – maker of such hits as Dawson’s Creek (1998), Felicity (1998), Angel (1999), and Smallville (2001) – and fellow industry executives, this push for more family-oriented programming resulted in a series showcasing a unique mother-daughter bond and the various people they encounter on their life voyage of discovery. Set in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, Gilmore Girls utilizes many of the same sets as the hit series The Dukes Of Hazzard (1979) – another successful Warner Brothers production from years past?

Gilmore Girls is set in a small idyllic community in Connecticut filled with a wide range of diverse characters and eccentric personalities. Against this backdrop, Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) attempts to raise her daughter and best friend, Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel), to carve out a better life for herself. Having made a number of youthful mistakes, Lorelai made the decision to raise her daughter by herself at a young age (the same age as Rory when the series begins), and she’s bound and determined to make sure that Rory makes better decisions for herself. As Rory prepares to go off to college, she displays many of the same likes and dislikes as her mother – especially when it comes to the opposite sex, and that’s what worries Lorelai the most? A borderline soap opera, Gilmore Girls is more of a serial drama that focuses on the love, friendship, and shared growth of a mother and daughter as they live out their dreams in modern day America?

The Gilmore Girls DVD features a number of touching episodes including the series premiere in which Rory is accepted to a very prestigious prep school named Chilton. But Lorelai struggles to come up with the tuition money necessary to send her, so she contacts her estranged parents for a loan. They agree to provide Rory with the tuition if Lorelai will agree to have a family dinner with them every Friday. Meanwhile, Rory has developed a crush on a recent transfer student, making her apprehensive about attending Chilton. When Lorelai finds out that a boy is the source of Rory’s uncertainty, the two get in a fight with Lorelai fearing that Rory will follow in her own path of bad decisions. However, after the family dinner with Lorelai’s parents, Rory realizes the sacrifice her mother has made in asking for the loan, and the two make up? Other notable episodes from Season 1 include “Forgiveness and Stuff” in which a feuding Rory and Lorelai settle their differences just in time for Christmas, and “The Third Lorelai” in which Emily opposes her mother-in-law’s offer to set up a trust fund for Rory because she’s afraid it will mean an end to her contact with her granddaughter?

Below is a list of episodes included on the Gilmore Girls (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (Pilot) Air Date: 10-05-2000
Episode 2 (The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton) Air Date: 10-12-2000
Episode 3 (Kill Me Now) Air Date: 10-19-2000
Episode 4 (The Deer Hunters) Air Date: 10-26-2000
Episode 5 (Cinnamon’s Wake) Air Date: 11-02-2000
Episode 6 (Rory’s Birthday Parties) Air Date: 11-09-2000
Episode 7 (Kiss and Tell) Air Date: 11-16-2000
Episode 8 (Love and War and Snow) Air Date: 12-14-2000
Episode 9 (Rory’s Dance) Air Date: 12-20-2000
Episode 10 (Forgiveness and Stuff) Air Date: 12-21-2000
Episode 11 (Paris is Burning) Air Date: 01-11-2001
Episode 12 (Double Date) Air Date: 01-18-2001
Episode 13 (Concert Interruptus) Air Date: 02-15-2001
Episode 14 (That Damn Donna Reed) Air Date: 02-22-2001
Episode 15 (Christopher Returns) Air Date: 03-01-2001
Episode 16 (Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers) Air Date: 03-08-2001
Episode 17 (The Breakup, Part 2) Air Date: 03-15-2001
Episode 18 (The Third Lorelai) Air Date: 03-22-2001
Episode 19 (Emily in Wonderland) Air Date: 04-26-2001
Episode 20 (P.S. I Lo?) Air Date: 05-03-2001
Episode 21 (Love, Daisies, and Troubadours) Air Date: 05-10-2001

The Biggest Reality Program Of The Desi TV

So, after all these fancy moves and reality backbiting, passing derogatory statements to one another, still the inmates manage to live in a house which is well constructed and stuffed in with all kinds of amenities. People around India love the Desi TV show which has been rated the second most viewed reality program after Kaun Banega Crorepati according to the TRP ratings. The show follows the Big Brother format which first developed by Endemol in Netherlands. But why is it so famous? After all it is just a reality TV program. Well, to brief it, first of all it is a reality program where, big screen celebrities take the help of the TV show to promote their upcoming movie. Every week an actor steps in and promotes his or her upcoming movie by either dancing on the songs of the movie or reciting dialogues of the film. The promotion is just short span and after which the inmates return to their normal behavior. Sometimes, it is seen that some of them often sweep away by creating mellow dramas and draining fake tears criticizing each other for silly reasons.

This is nothing but to create and generate excitement within the regular audiences so that they could witness each episode without a miss. The Bigg Boss began in the year 2006 and continued till 26th January 2007. The inaugural season was hosted by the Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi while the win was walked away by Rahul Roy. Since, then the TV program has spanned 5 seasons while the last and the current season is hosted by Salman Khan a popular actor of Bollywood who is presently accompanied by his co-star Sanjay Dutt. The reality program began its journey through colors tv channels and has successfully completed its 4 seasons. Keeping the audiences entertained, Bigg Boss also included many foreign celebrities to name a few Vida Samadzai from Afghanistan who played for the 5th season and was eliminated, Veena Malik a Pakistani actress, model and a comedian, Dalip Singh Rana (Khali) a wrestler of World Wrestling Entertainment of the 4th season, while Claudia Ciesla a German model, actress, and singer of Polish descent played for the 3rd season. Excluding them foreign celebrities such as Pamela Anderson made a guest appearance in the 4th season while Sunny Leone and Indo-Canadian adult actress made her way in the 5 season. It is seen that Mahesh Bhatt a veteran director of the Bollywood movies meet Sunny Leone on 30th of November and offered her the role for his movie “Jism 2” to play the lead in it, now that is interesting.

Well, at the end, “all wells that ends well”, so it might be the presence of the adult actress or any other foreign celebrity, backbiting for one another or passing remarks, the general audiences will always enjoy to see new things that gains interesting for them. And as for now the Bigg Boss season 5 aired by colors TV channels has it all.

Have Great Fun With The Latest Movies

Movies are enjoyed by human beings in the most effective manner. In the present era, movies have played a significant role in an individual’s life. The movie industry has been worldwide appreciated all over the world. Movies have become the absolute means that offer complete entertainment to their viewers. If we talk about the movies, it has already occupied a very dominant and inspiring position. It has also become the latest trend among the people across the globe. Some of the latest movies, that are applauded by viewers all around the world are Aa Dekhen Zara, Billu Barber and many more. Such films have inspired the audience all over the world by the virtues of their amazing stories.

One of the most famous film industries in the world is the Bollywood industry. This industry has given so many excellent films, that amaze the people all around the world. Every kind of films such as action, drama, thriller, horror, suspense etc., can be found in Bollywood. Bollywood movies are popular among the viewers in the Indian film industry. The film industry is quiet big as compared to others. In a year, a large number of films are released in the Bollywood industry. People used to watch such films in order to enhance the level of their entertainment. With the passage of time and with the advancement in technologies these movies have also changed their forms. Today, we can find the story line and the direction of a film has also improved than earlier. There are some other films also that has inspired the viewers. The films such as Chak De India, Iqbal and many others have tremendously impacted the mind of the people.

The movie Chak De India is all about the Indian hockey team in which the story completely tells about the importance of our national game. Sharukh Khan has played a very terrific role in the movie. This awesome movie has been appreciated by the people all over the world. Many of us are eagerly waiting for the Bollywood upcoming movies. My name is khan, Kites, Tasvir are some of the movies that are going to rock you. Such movies are been starred by the superhit actors such as Sharukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar and many others. All these movies are going to be released soon. The story line and the direction of the such films are really very fantastic. These movies have a very strong script with awesome dailogues. For sure, such amazing movies will leave a huge impact on its audience. For more details, you can even surf various online websites where you get the full information regarding such outstanding films. Moreover, you can also book your tickets in advance with the help of numerous sites. The users can even watch the movies online with the facility of internet simply by sitting at your home. Hence, at last, it can be said that these movies are an excellent entertainment option to the people all over the globe.

Douglas And Zeta-jones To Make Monsoon Film In India

Over two decades after the original, Michael Douglas is making another sequel to his 1984 film Romancing the Stone. The first sequel, 1985�s Jewel of the Nile was a rather lacklustre movie, but the new sequel, which is called Racing the Monsoon, will feature Douglas� Oscar-winning Welsh wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, as well as Bourne Identity star Matt Damon, so it promises to be much better. Douglas and Zeta-Jones will be relocating to Indian in order to film the sequel in Mumbai, Kolkata and Jaisalmer and the film promises to provide a real boost to the already-thriving Indian film industry.

It is thought that Racing the Monsoon will be an action adventure movie that tells the story of a diamond heist that takes place onboard an Indian train. The film signifies the first fully-fledged Hollywood-Bollywood co-production to date.

Ms Zeta-Jones said that she was excited about shooting the film and spending some time in India, she said: “I’m looking forward to going to India. Michael and I are developing a script that will be set in India. We will take our kids and all of us will come there, set up camp in India and shoot a film.” Douglas also said that he was pleased to be going to India, declaring that he had been closely studying Indian culture. He said: “India is making a large impact in the US, be it culture, design, fashion or films which are splashed everywhere in the world. I have been closely following and studying Indian culture and I�m fascinated by it.”

Michael Douglas� own production company, Further Films, and Indian production house Percept Picture Company (PPC), which is co-run by Shailendra Singh – a friend of Douglas�, will finance the �30 million film. Ms Singh said: “Michael being a friend, had approached us to partner him and we agreed. Percept will raise the cost for the Indian part of the production.” Michael said that he was happy to be working with the Percept Picture Company, he explained: “When the subject of films came up, Percept showed interest. As I was looking for partners in India to do films here, I was happy things worked out.”

Ms Singh believes that making Racing the Monsoon in India will have a positive impact on the Indian film industry as a whole. She said: “With more films like Racing the Monsoon coming to India, imagine the kind of exposure, interaction and employment that will be generated for Indian technicians and artists.”

Steve Carr is expected to be announced as director of Racing the Monsoon. His previous credits include Daddy Day Care, Next Friday and Doctor Doolittle 2.