The Biggest Reality Program Of The Desi TV

So, after all these fancy moves and reality backbiting, passing derogatory statements to one another, still the inmates manage to live in a house which is well constructed and stuffed in with all kinds of amenities. People around India love the Desi TV show which has been rated the second most viewed reality program after Kaun Banega Crorepati according to the TRP ratings. The show follows the Big Brother format which first developed by Endemol in Netherlands. But why is it so famous? After all it is just a reality TV program. Well, to brief it, first of all it is a reality program where, big screen celebrities take the help of the TV show to promote their upcoming movie. Every week an actor steps in and promotes his or her upcoming movie by either dancing on the songs of the movie or reciting dialogues of the film. The promotion is just short span and after which the inmates return to their normal behavior. Sometimes, it is seen that some of them often sweep away by creating mellow dramas and draining fake tears criticizing each other for silly reasons.

This is nothing but to create and generate excitement within the regular audiences so that they could witness each episode without a miss. The Bigg Boss began in the year 2006 and continued till 26th January 2007. The inaugural season was hosted by the Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi while the win was walked away by Rahul Roy. Since, then the TV program has spanned 5 seasons while the last and the current season is hosted by Salman Khan a popular actor of Bollywood who is presently accompanied by his co-star Sanjay Dutt. The reality program began its journey through colors tv channels and has successfully completed its 4 seasons. Keeping the audiences entertained, Bigg Boss also included many foreign celebrities to name a few Vida Samadzai from Afghanistan who played for the 5th season and was eliminated, Veena Malik a Pakistani actress, model and a comedian, Dalip Singh Rana (Khali) a wrestler of World Wrestling Entertainment of the 4th season, while Claudia Ciesla a German model, actress, and singer of Polish descent played for the 3rd season. Excluding them foreign celebrities such as Pamela Anderson made a guest appearance in the 4th season while Sunny Leone and Indo-Canadian adult actress made her way in the 5 season. It is seen that Mahesh Bhatt a veteran director of the Bollywood movies meet Sunny Leone on 30th of November and offered her the role for his movie “Jism 2” to play the lead in it, now that is interesting.

Well, at the end, “all wells that ends well”, so it might be the presence of the adult actress or any other foreign celebrity, backbiting for one another or passing remarks, the general audiences will always enjoy to see new things that gains interesting for them. And as for now the Bigg Boss season 5 aired by colors TV channels has it all.