Classic Movie Posters Are Getting The Popularity Vote On Campus

It is not hard to spot the latest fashion trends. Just visit any college campus. But will this year’s hot new trends be unique or will they be reruns from seasons long past? The lava lights and psychedelic posters of the 70’s were once again easy to spot in the mid 90’s and the slap bracelets and big sun glasses of the early 90’s have been seen again as recently as 2006. What past fashion accessories will be popping up this semester?
From UCLA to Hudson University and all points in between vintage movie posters seem to be the thing. Even girls who were not even thought of when “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” debuted are very much into posters of Audrey, dark sunglasses and pearls. A-list hits such as “scarface” and D-list hits like “Evil Dead are popping up on walls daily. Movie memorabilia is not referring to just black and white posters anymore.
What is the reason that twenty year old men and women are reaching back to the days of drive in movies and black and white pictures? No one knows for sure, but maybe they are yearning for a more simple time when humor was light hearted and times were easier to understand or maybe it is just the allure of classics that caught a hold of them again.
Smart marketers are not only making money on the vintage movie posters, they are making a huge profit on merchandising. At local shopping malls and department stores, you can purchase figurines, accessories, such as jewelery and sunglasses, and even catch phrase t-shirts. College campus bookstores are selling out of vintage movie posters faster than posters for newer films. These vintage posters are more popular than ever.
Posters may bring back the magic of some other time and a fantasy of what may have been. They help to capture the spirit of an age that you wish you’d lived in or else they help to keep memories alive. Some students will put up posters to remind themselves of their childhood or high school years, while some will put them up to let others know just who they are. Independent art/film posters and vintage film posters used to be displayed only on film students’ walls, but now the audience for them is a great deal larger.
If you are looking for the perfect gift for your niece or nephew, son or daughter, or that special college student in your life, look no further than a movie poster displaying Faye Dunaway or Elvis. They were popular then and they are popular now. Watch them unroll the poster and reveal a smile and don’t forget to hang onto the posters you love today. Who knows, in twenty years, they may be the next hot trend.

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